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What's in a name?

Nettle & Thyme may not seem like your typical business name but I do have my reasons! You see, each of us are on a journey. We don't typically know what that journey is or where it will lead but it begins before birth. Everything that happens in your life NEEDS to happen to help you along your journey. Everyone's journey is different. About 6 years ago, give or take, I became AWARE of my journey. I point this out because like so many people I was just floating through life day by day taking whatever came my way. You hear people make the comment "I'm living paycheck to paycheck". It was the same for me in relation to how I lived my life. "Day to day". I really didn't know there was more to it than that. I slowly began to Awaken to something deeper, more spiritual. I began questioning why my life was like it was and where am I going from here and what in the world is my PURPOSE? I started getting answers. You just need to be silent and listen and the answers to those and other questions is there. I suffered from a lifetime of recurrent bronchitis attacks. Several a year since early childhood and sometimes leading to pneumonia. As an adult in my 40's with no health insurance I started researching alternative medicine. I mean our ancestors didn't go to the doctor regularly and didn't have access to pharmaceuticals, right? Thus began my quest to stop the dang cough. Now keep in mind my knowledge of different plants and spices was zilch. I just didn't have the upbringing that allowed me to learn that stuff. As many of you I too had all those "spices" that come in the little jars in my cabinet that I never used. Never knew what they were used for. So in my quest I discovered that the herbs NETTLE & THYME were a great combination to strengthen the lungs. What the heck is Nettle? I mean I had a jar labeled Thyme but never used it and none of my jars were labeled Nettle. Back to do more research. I discovered that Nettle is a readily available herb also called stinging nettle that grows in nature. I opted to purchase dried Nettle and fresh (er) dried Thyme. As instructed I drank this combo in a tea form and the results were AMAZING!! As I add blogs I will go into more detail about what happened when I drank this. I feel that strongly that the healing power of those 2 herbs added years to my life that I wanted my business to be named NETTLE & THYME.

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