Holy Soap!!

I've been in the workshop, aka kitchen, making a ton of soap. Well for me it's a ton. This is a new venture for me. I love creating new blends and scents. Several people have asked me for specific fragrances however, I do not add anything that is artificial to my soap recipes. Most of my soaps are lightly scented with essential oils and the scent of just the ingredients themselves. As an Empath I do place intention on my soaps as I create them. I am purposeful with the ingredients regarding which herb infused oils I add. I connect with spirit while mixing and blending. My hope is to not only provide nourishing cleansing soap but also to invoke any positive vibes you may need. Currently my soaps are curing for an upcoming event. If I happen to have extra after the event to sell I will post them on here. Making soap is so satisfying and I would encourage all of you to research and try to make your own. Your skin and soul will love you!!

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